You are only limited by your imagination.

Lincoln Block stacks as you go; build with the blocks of the future.

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Hollow wall construction, and spray foam.

Stay warmer during winter and cooler during summer thanks to Touch 'N Seal spray foam insulation.

A supreme modular construction material.

The Lincoln Block System combines interlocking wood blocks with our proprietary use of wood splines and hardware.

  • Easy to assemble using commonly available tools.
  • Unparalleled strength and longevity.
  • Each piece stacks allowing you to rapidly construct.
  • Completely sealed and weather proof.

Patented. Tested. Proven.

Our patented wood block structure can be adapted for any building scenario.

Protected by one or more of U.S. Patents including 9,732,519. Lincoln Block is the trademark of Lincoln Block Inc. 

Finished From The Start.

Lincoln Block is not only the siding and interior wall of a structure, it is also the framing itself all within one product.

Safer For You And The Environment

Lincoln Block does not contain formaldehyde like plywood or particle board, thus reducing your exposure to off-gassing.

Built With REAL Wood

Lincoln Block allows you to build with all of the efficiency and appeal of a log home without specialized labor and tools.

Affordable & Environmentally Conscious

Our log homes are traditionally one of the most sustainable and green types of housing.

Economy Lumber Re-Imagined

We capture economical lumber at the sawmill to save it from becoming pallets and woodchips.

You can finally choose the perfect home, and then build it.

A Lincoln Block structure can be built quickly, easily, and by anyone regardless of their experience just by following simple instructions.

Homes & Cabins

Design and build the home of your dreams, a cabin on the water, or any type of facility.

Micro Homes

Tiny Home design can be anything from a full-time living arrangement to a shop or work space.

The Shed

The strongest and most cost effective sheds in the world.

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