The Latest Micro Homes

You can use Lincoln Block to build just about anything. Tiny homes are trending. You can live on or off the grid more comfortably and less expensively.

Pier Block Small House

Projects like this take just a week or two to complete with a minimal crew. Using common construction techniques, Lincoln Block allows you to erect a structure that will look beautiful and last a lifetime without incurring massive debt.

Two Story Tiny House

Perfect for living on your own terms, this home has a loft with a staircase, full living arrangements, and economical design choices that make it the ultimate tiny house.

The Lincoln Block Wagon Home

This beautiful wagon style micro home is designed to be the perfect get away or shop. Water, electricity, warmth, and productivity.

The Warmest Tiny Cabin Ever

With minimal windows and a large garage style main door, this micro home has the highest R-value of any of our tiny homes. Save thousands of dollars on heating and cooling.

The Modest Living Space

This beautiful micro home features full living arrangements including water, sink, shower, fridge, bed, storage, garden window, wheel chair access, and two entrances.

The Original Lincoln Block Micro Home

Designed and built by our customers, these micro homes are a full time live-in, furnished, comfortable, and beautiful solution to affordable housing.

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