Lincoln Block uses affordable lumber originally destined to be used for fuel & pallets.

Lincoln Block's projects have consistently proven to decrease labor costs by 50% or more in comparison to other construction methods.

Our unique design utilizes existing methodology combined with new technology.

Every seam is glued together forming a perfect vapor barrier.

The interior and exterior walls are framed as you stack.

• No siding
• No drywall
• Simply paint / seal.

The first course is bolted to the foundation.

Compatible with any modern component like roof trusses, foundations, plywood, appliances, and solar.

The hollow wall is insulated with structural spray foam which bonds to the wood and forms an impenetrable seal between you and the elements.

The thermal mass properties of wood ensures your home will naturally sustain the environment of your choosing with drastic energy savings.

Lincoln Block is a truly green product that allows you to build a high value structure using affordable lumber.

Lincoln Block's base pricing by the linear foot is dependent on the current market price of lumber. Contact us today for updated pricing!

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