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The latest research and development at Lincoln Block Inc. Headquarters in Lake Stevens, WA. Featuring projects taken on by our customers in the form of cabins, tiny homes, converted buildings, and more!

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1 week ago

We're ready to raise this to the roof line now that the bay is clear!

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Affordable, green, fast and easy wood block structures.
Protected by one or more of U.S. Patents including US 9,732,519 B1 and US 10,233,634 B1. Lincoln Block is the trademark of Lincoln Block Inc. 

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Lincoln Block enables people from all walks of life to build wealth and security.
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Welcome To Lincoln Block
Our company is on the verge of bringing a new and unique system for building residential structures to market. One that is not only affordable, high quality, and able to be built by anyone, but one that is truly green as well. It is going to revolutionize the building industry, and people are already lining up to get a piece of it.
Lincoln Block’s mission is to bring back the days where the possibility of home ownership was a reality to all. When you could build your own home, have something of quality that would last, and not have to incur massive debt in doing so.
We capture and re-grade surplus materials at the mill level. The end result is a drastically reduced energy cost to create home building materials. Wood STORES rather than emits carbon dioxide for the life of the structure. Lincoln Block structures are made with renewable wood from responsibly managed forests, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions.
The superior thermal mass properties of Lincoln Block allow for lower energy usage in heating and cooling. This reduction in energy cost is better for the environment and your pocket book.
Lincoln Block achieves its strength through the application of splice pieces around doors, windows, and interconnecting each block. Sustainable wood building blocks allow YOU to build a super strong home with easily attainable materials. Build a beautiful, green, long lasting home with minimal carbon footprint.
Projects built with Lincoln Block have consistently proven to decrease labor costs by 50% or more in comparison to other construction methods. The building is finished as you stack; anyone can build with block!

16' x 24' Cabin

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