“A life lived in fear is a life half lived”

– Baz Luhrmann.

This pandemic has really made us take a hard look at our infrastructure in America. While there is a LOT of improvement that needs to happen in many places, the biggest glaring need and failure of infrastructure is the same now as it was before COVID19 shut things down. The US housing market is at a 5 MILLION home shortfall and it continues to grow daily. The homes that we are allowing to be built are not even withstanding the length of their mortgages! This results in a loss of opportunity to GAIN wealth for the homeowners! Owning a home was supposed to set us up. Not keep us in debt forever.

At the rate we are going we have been just renting from the banks and paying to remodel these homes until we die! What happened to really OWNING a home and being able to pass it along to our children? Wasn’t that part of the original American Dream? Now we have reverse mortgages and our children are inheriting PROBLEMS and debt rather than homes and a family trust. We have lost our way somewhere along the line- corners were cut, quality of materials were sacrificed to reduce costs, and now we are stuck with houses that are falling down around us and in need of 5 million MORE???!! The restrictive legislation and nightmare permitting processes have put us into a quagmire where only big companies in the know are able to get these homes built on a large scale- but even then, it is NOT ENOUGH! The largest home builder in America builds around 50 thousand homes a year. We frankly do not have enough construction going to catch up! It is obvious that things must change and quick. We have a golden opportunity together right NOW to start laying the groundwork to fix a LOT of things in our world. It is time to build better- stronger- faster- longer lasting homes that the people can afford. It is time to take a hard look at the way things have been done in the past and take the best and leave the rest.

We have built houses quickly and affordably on a large scale a few different times in this country’s history. When the wars were over, and we needed to house our vets. When we experienced periods economic booms and we needed to house the essential employees building our infrastructure. We built thousands of small footprint homes to make sure that there were homes available to the average American family to purchase. I am sure you can find streets of them in your own city still standing small and mighty! Some were done with concrete block, and some in stick frame construction. But they are still standing there looking good after all of these years, which is more than I can say for the “newer” developments around us! 5 million homes is a BIG number. In order to even get CLOSE to putting a dent in that we must start thinking differently. We cannot solve a problem by using the same methods that created it!!

10 years ago, when the idea for Lincoln Block came to John this was a problem that needed solving. Ten years later and as a country the problem has just gotten worse. It is time to change things up and really SOLVE this problem once and for all. It is up to US to determine what happens coming out of this pandemic. It is time for us to speak up. It is time to demand that the product that goes up is one that will last, can be offered up affordably, and can be built quickly and easily. It is time for the powers that be to SEE that we have something here that can really help build a LOT of homes and quickly! It is time to stand up and demand that the homes we are building LAST longer than our mortgages and give us back the ability to gain WEALTH again for our families! We CAN do this with Lincoln Block. We know we aren’t the only answer out there, but we have something that you can build STRONG, long lasting, energy-efficient homes on a large scale QUICKLY and AFFORDABLY! We are so passionate about bringing this to the world. It could create so many jobs and give the people an option in home ownership that is severely lacking in this country to the tune of 5 MILLION homes right now! It is time for us to do better for ourselves. Let’s build a better future TOGETHER with Lincoln Block!

About The Author

Crystal Frye

Vice President
Lincoln Block Inc.