Hello Lincoln block-heads! Your favorite wood block building material is more active than ever. Brand new website in the works right now for ya’ll to enjoy the content we produce. I will be developing it live through the new year, so feel free to check back often for updates. Most important of all, we’re going to add house packages to the site, ready to buy.

The package / kit home idea definitely isn’t new, but nobody does it like Lincoln Block Inc! Build your house with a method similar to brick construction using sustainable lumber blocks. Take a page from our book of tricks and slow down, because you’ll actually go faster. Plan your build, design with our team, and create a custom home to your liking, or simply buy a kit and start stacking.

We are expanding our service area! We currently have the ability to service customers in all 50 states of the USA. Lincoln Block kits fit inside standard shipping containers, and have all the materials needed to complete your project. It ends up being a lot easier this way and I can guarantee you’ll look back and wonder what you were so afraid of in the beginning. I am the internet programmer at Lincoln Block Inc. but I’m also a satisfied customer. Happy new year and cheers to a fresh look for Lincoln Block!

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Ryan Atwell

Lincoln Block Inc.