Healthy (Wooden) Buildings

Crystal Frye
March 16, 2020
Did you know there are many health benefits to living in a wood home? Biophilic design– incorporating natural elements into the built environment- can actually improve overall health! Research has shown that when humans are surrounded by wood their autonomic […]

The Lincoln Block Advantage

Zac Pontrantolfi
March 9, 2020
Read my two papers on The Original Lincoln Block 6-Inch block. A Shear Transfer Model For The Lincoln Block System.pdf Energy Efficiency Calculations For Lincoln Block System.pdf Lincoln Block is a sustainable building system that transfers shear(pdf) from sillplate to […]

Lincoln Block Origin Story

Crystal Frye
March 5, 2020
I get asked all of the time where the idea for Lincoln Block came from. Our story has many parts, and it’s a combination of so many different things, so it’s hard to pin it down to just one explanation. […]

How We Compare To Cross Laminated Timber

Crystal Frye
February 19, 2020
It is exciting for us to see so many new projects and innovations in the realm of wood. All Cross Laminated Timber (CLT or Mass Timber) buildings going up all over the World are proving one building at a time […]
Trailer Addition

Ready Up!

Crystal Frye
November 26, 2019
We wish you a warm Thanksgiving and wonderful things in your life now and into the next year!– The Lincoln Block Team We are ready for your design ideas! Whether you want a tiny house, full sized cabin, accessory dwelling, […]