A Picture Is Worth 606 Words
     Crystal Frye
   January 25, 2021
I snapped this pic of Dad a couple of years ago on a job. It may not look like much, but it is one of my favorites. A picture is worth 1000 words so here is the story it reminds me of and how it all relates to our Kickstarter campaign. (in just 606 words though.)
My Grandpa lost his eyesight completely in the twilight years of his life. For someone so active, this was HELL for him. So, my Dad made it a point to pick him up every day and bring him out to his lumber yard. Grandpa hung out in the office- and it kind of became a builders “pro shop”. When Dad couldn’t pick Grandpa up- he sent someone to go pick him up. My grandpa had a wealth of knowledge to share- and my Dad knew that getting him up and out of the house every day would distract him from the frustration he had with his health issues. My Grandpa was a master mason, and had built the first skyscrapers in New York and New Jersey. His knowledge of building from houses to giant hotels was incredible and everyone loved coming in to pick his brain and talk shop. This got him away from his own tools at home as well.  Blind or not, that man was building furniture just to stay busy! My Grandma was much more relaxed when Dad started taking him in to work so it was really a win win situation all around. You don’t want to upset the matriarch of a big Italian family.
One day at the shop someone asked my Grandpa:
“So- Joe. How do you build a skyscraper?
My Dad says that Grandpa was very thoughtful and quiet for a bit before he answered carefully and with pauses in between every sentence.
“Well. You start by digging a hole. And then you LIVE down in that hole.
You don’t get to spend time with your wife. Though you will want to.
You don’t get to spend time with your kids. Though you will want to.
You live down in that hole and make sure that it is perfect.”
And then he looked up and smiled as he finished
“After that it goes up pretty easy.”
That is what I see when I see this picture. Dad has been down in that hole for a long time building the foundations for Lincoln Block. He had to make sure it was perfect for the same reasons that my Grandpa did those skyscrapers. In order to KNOW that it is going to stand tall and strong and keep the people inside SAFE your foundation has to be absolute perfection. Dad made sure that Lincoln Block could do exactly what he says it can do before presenting it to the public. We are still down there in the hole building the foundations of this company with Dad, but we are determined and more passionate than ever. All of the love, positivity, support, and inquiries are fueling this little team and we are so grateful!  We know that big things are coming for Lincoln Block and we are determined to help you all build your own dreams using this system very soon! Stay tuned for updates!
No matter what happens with the Kickstarter in the next 3 days we feel like winners! We don’t believe in failure here, only opportunities to learn. We are pushing forward excited, and uber focused.
After all- just like Grandpa said When you spend the time to make sure that your foundation is strong- your building will go up pretty easy! 😉
Crystal Frye via
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