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Better living through Carpentry?
Zac Pontrantolfi  March 16, 2020

Red Cedar is an antiviral among other things. It’s got these oils that diffuse from its wood; moths ain’t big fans of it either.” -John Venturo, Inventor of Lincoln Block

Every crisis is an opportunity in disguise. In the Puget Sound and the country at large we face an unprecedented housing shortage. Unfortunately modern platform-frame houses take too long to build and are not built to last. On the other hand, the global COVID-19 pandemic has raised concerns about the safety of indoor air while the ensuing recession threatens to put millions out of work. 

But what if there existed a building system that anyone can learn to build with, that can use naturally antiviral materials, and can be built in a third of the time relative to conventional construction?

Meet Lincoln Block: the original wood-block building system. We upcycle various species of economy grade lumber into a gorgeous finished wall product that you need to see to believe! Invented by a carpenter and son of a stone-mason, Lincoln Block stacks like brick but has the gorgeous look and feel of a log cabin.

But what’s this about “naturally antiviral“? In line with Crystal’s last post, the beauty of our patented system is that it can be manufactured using virtual any softwood, including Red Cedar whose stems contain a trienolone called beta-thujaplicin or hinokitiol, shown in modern times to be an antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, and even an antiviral! So while cedar is typically more expensive, the costs of using it are more than offset by the savings of using our streamlined wood-block building system.

So in this time of great uncertainty, put your mind at ease. Build your next project with Lincoln Block: the Fastest, Strongest, Most Energy Efficient, and perhaps Healthiest Wood-Block building system available for the price.
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