Lincoln Block

The LINCOLN BLOCK® Photo Gallery
The timeline of all projects completed and ongoing at Lincoln Block Headquarters, Lake Stevens, WA. Follow the evolution of our design methods and become a part of the wood block revolution.
Two Story Lincoln Block
This record breaking structure towers above all before it, in terms of Lincoln Block that is. 
Tiny House With A Tub
Bathtubs in tiny houses may come as a surprise to some-ah who am I kidding, you can do whatever you want when you’re building your own home!
Cedar Wood Block Home
Is this a world’s first spray foam insulated cedar wood block home? Definitely a Lincoln Block first!
Trapezoidal Tiny
The front is trapezoidal. That’s actually pretty awesome!!
Pole Barn Conversion
They’re remodeling an old pole barn into a spectacular living area.
Wood Trailer
Functional Transportable Storage Container

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