Changing Lives One Block At A Time
     Crystal Frye
   October 15, 2019
Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them”.
Things tend to change in our life most often when there is a problem presented. Without problems, we would rarely change anything. Affordable housing has become a certifiable crisis in the USA and other parts of the world; a massive problem for all. Despite the emergence of 3D printed homes, tiny houses, kit homes, and other innovators throwing everything they have out there, it remains impossible to catch up to the incredible growing demand using 75 year old methods.
Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them”. After WW2 between 1945-1960 the large demand for housing from vets and the growing population lead to government backed housing booms. Almost 30 million single family, small footprint, basic homes were built with concrete block for its speed and ease of use. Prior to this the Sears Catalog offered a purchasable home kit with installation by a crew of your choice, which put housing largely in the hands of the very people who would be living in them. Inexpensive, interlocking, and modular home kits were easy to build with and offered long-lasting results with quality material.
If we are to truly solve the affordable housing crisis, and catch up to the ever growing demand for small footprint homes, we must put the ability to build back into the people’s hands. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a licensed contractor and would not even know where to start when it came to building a stick frame home. I get that there are those out there that can, and that is why we hire them. Unfortunately, many if not most people don’t have the means to hire a contractor. Factoring in development costs, land, permitting, utilities, and more, depending on where you build you may be up to half a million dollars or MORE! I don’t have that kind of money and I know a lot of people who would share that sentiment. Not to mention these figures have scared off the upcoming generation on buying homes, but I digress.
offers an answer to every one of these pain points. With a building system like 
you can put the ability to build into the hands of the people. Quick and affordable homes using quality material that will stand the test of time can be available to everyone. The turn of the century marked an affordable housing boom thanks to Sears. Another came later thanks to government programs and innovations in concrete. The next logical step is to build with light weight, modular wood blocks that are compatible with existing infrastructure.
What if you could give the people a chance to build real wealth by providing a mortgage that can be paid in full and a home that will last a lifetime? The answer is you can’t put a price on happiness, but you can bet on yourself to win. 
 can help you attain the home of your dreams and give you more than a roof; it can give you hope and courage to build something and call it your own.
Crystal Frye via
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