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Converting A Pole Barn With Wood Block
LINCOLN BLOCK  November 9, 2019
A big thanks to Nate & Eddie for being the first to use Lincoln Block in a pole barn remodel!
Affordable housing comes in many shapes and sizes. An increasingly popular idea is the conversion of older buildings with newer materials. Because of increasingly stringent building codes, new construction costs have skyrocketed, leading many builders to alternative methods like rebuilding on existing foundations or erecting small accessory dwelling units on temporary foundations. There are many options to get a job like this done, but building with wood blocks is the greenest & most cost effective method.

Builders in England using steelwork to convert a pole barn. Expensive, but effective!

Thanks to the hard work and planning of our loyal customers Nate & Eddie, their project is coming along nicely! Ten courses high right now, and we can see windows and doors taking shape. Lincoln Block is the most affordable, green, and efficient building method for converting a pole barn. Stacking wood blocks around the existing building perimeter speeds up and simplifies construction. The interior and exterior walls are finished as you stack, so no other finishing is required other than plumbing, electrical, and roof ventilation. Drywall and siding aren’t required at all, because Lincoln Block is a finished wood block product straight from the factory. Building with wood blocks is fun, safe, and easy for all walks of life.
Ten courses tall, and more soon to follow! Lincoln Block is a stackable wood block building system compatible with existing infrastructure.
This will absolutely be a beautiful building when it’s all said and done! Make sure to follow the Lincoln Blog going forward to see all the updates we post as the project continues. Thanks again to Nate & Eddie for being the first people to use Lincoln Block’s wood block building system in this way. Considering the speed at which they adopted our patented building method, they’ll be able to tackle this entire project through their two man crew’s power alone. This is the power of Lincoln Block! With wood block construction, combined with modern technology like DAP Polyurethane Spray Foam, even the smallest crews can achieve great feats of engineering within just a few hours of being introduced to the product. This drastically reduces the cost of construction, and increases the speed even with a minimal crew. 
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