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Cross Laminated Timber. How Do We Compare?
Crystal Frye  February 19, 2020
It is exciting for us to see so many new projects and innovations in the realm of wood. All Cross Laminated Timber (CLT or Mass Timber) buildings going up all over the World are proving one building at a time that Wood really is the answer to building greener, smarter, sustainable buildings. Wood is the only naturally renewable mainstream building material. Forestry has come a long way, and more trees are planted each year than harvested. Wood is a versatile, abundant, renewable, and cost-effective resource that stores rather than emits carbon. It really is healthier to build with wood for the earth and for the people living on it.
Across the lumber industry there is something called a downfall of materials. Every piece of wood is sorted and graded to determine its end use. Only the highest grades are used for CLT. That leaves MILLIONS of board feet sitting unused at the mills. This wood is typically purchased by pallet manufacturing companies, wood chip companies, or even used as fuel. Lincoln Block sees the value in this wood for more than just chips or pallets. We purchase the downfall graded lumber and re-manufacture it into our patented proprietary pattern. For the average homeowner, CLT still proves to be a specialized and more expensive building material. We have simplified things even further using similar technology with Lincoln Block. The modular wood blocks we create out of this lumber have given our customers the ability to build with the same sustainability, energy efficiency, and durability for a fraction of the cost.
From the mill level all the way to the end user, Lincoln Block is reducing our carbon footprint on the world.
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