April 12, 2018

Lincoln Block’s patented design incorporates spray-applied polyurethane foam which greatly strengthens the building and forms a protective seal against the elements.

Lincoln Block is an official DAP distributor for the greater Seattle area.

The hollow wall design of our blocks allow spray foam to fill every possible gap within the wall. Not only does this offer an easy to use single insulated panel, it also strengthens and locks the wood together. It takes about sixty seconds for the foam to set up as it is sprayed into the wall. During the curing process the evenly distributed spline pieces that make up Lincoln Block’s hollow wall system bond to the foam, forming an extremely strong structural panel.

Spray Foaming a Lincoln Block Micro Home

After the foam is set, the walls are incredibly strong and offer an R-value up to 27. There is no other product on the market today that combines modern foam technology and existing lumber infrastructure like Lincoln Block does.

Finished Foaming Example Piece

Lincoln Block also uses special glues & caulking in our production and assembly. As you stack blocks, each inside seam is glued together. This offers even more protection against the elements and insures that the natural expansion and contraction of wood doesn’t compromise the seal.


Caulking Each Inside Seam

Lincoln Block is an official DAP distributor for the greater Seattle area. We provide foam, caulking, and other types of products all within the DAP Touch ‘n Foam catalog. If you are interested in purchasing DAP products from Lincoln Block, contact us today! 

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April 12, 2018