Everyone is using Timber!
   November 23, 2019
Buildings made of wood are eco-friendly and they’re trending in San Francisco as more companies look for greener construction methods.
Multi story wood buildings are coming around now more than ever as interest in the many previously undiscovered methods of using wood begin to draw interest of high profile developers. These are big projects with cranes, large crews, complicated blueprints, and specialized prefabricated components. The end goal is to create a structure that is more carbon neutral, while also housing people in a comfortable and long lasting situation. You can accomplish that same goal using lightweight wood blocks (Lincoln Blocks!).
to create structures like this is more cost effective than anything on the market, with an 80% reduction in labor costs alone! How neat would it be to work in a building entirely made of wood? It’s healthier for everyone including mother earth, and it’s proven that people are happier surrounded by wood. We love that people are thinking outside the box and understanding that trees, the most abundant natural resource for home building on the planet, can be used for much more than what was previously thought.
Scientists have made it known that modern “technologically advanced” carbon capture methods pale in comparison to the raw natural power of “TREES”. Simply put, the planet has been capturing carbon and re-purposing it for a long time, and it’s been recently statistically proven that even the best alternative methods for cleaning the air are several times less effective than plain old trees. The earth in her infinite wisdom is telling us beyond a shadow of a doubt that wood is the ultimate building material. Trees capture carbon more effectively than any other known method on earth, so building with wood is not only better for your health, it’s better for the overall condition of the planet. Build your home with wood blocks! Build with
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