How Do I Buy?

Contact us. Our new product & small company operates on a volunteer basis. The sales team consists of our company president and vice president. Building plans and details are designed on a case-by-case basis by drafting companies for hire, not by Lincoln Block Inc.

What's The Price?

Our company mission is to provide affordable housing attainable to anyone. 6-Inch Lincoln Block was invented to give the general public the ability to build their home all by themselves. The cost of building materials like foundations, roofing, windows, doors, and other ancillary items is the same as a regular house, but what makes Lincoln Block more affordable than stick-framing is the savings in labor, energy savings, and the longevity of the product.


Visit the tutorials page for instructional information.

Building Codes?

According to mathematical analysis by SSW Engineers Inc., Lincoln Block meets requirements for 2018 IBC Section 104.11 (Alternative materials, design and methods of construction and equipment).

Lincoln Block also meets 2019 State Of Oregon Structural Specialty Code requirements. Since those requirements are shared by Washington and California, all other states in the USA will follow suit.

Based on our own evaluation, Lincoln Block exceeds Energy Star standards required for home construction in the USA. Our customers have never failed to have their blueprint accepted by their local municipality thanks to these qualifications.

Where can I see the finished product?

Visit the gallery.

Homeowners Insurance?

Yes, all insurance brokers will have several applicable programs for your Lincoln Block house. Lincoln Block meets building code requirements, so you’ll have no trouble attaining homeowners insurance through regular channels.

What's it made of?

Real wood comes from the forest and gets cut at a sawmill. Then we manufacture it into 6-Inch Lincoln Blocks at Lincoln Block Inc. headquarters in Lake Stevens, WA.

The finished 6-Inch Lincoln Block Wall consists primarily of:

Lincoln Blocks
Lincoln Block Lumber
Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation
Acrylic Latex Elastomeric Sealant
Stainless Steel Nails
Hot Dip Galvanized Nails

How heavy is it?

About 5 pounds per linear foot of 6-inch Lincoln Block.

Interior or exterior walls?

Lincoln Block is an all-in-one structural replacement for exterior walls of a building. Traditional framing, drywall, and siding are not necessary to finish the wall. We recommend that room dividing walls be done with regular framing.

Drywall inside or siding outside?

You don’t need siding or drywall, but if want it for any reason, you can mount it anywhere on the wall. No need to find “studs” because the entire wall is structurally sound and can handle medium loads like drywall or siding at any point across the entire surface.

Labor requirements?

One person can build an entire Lincoln Block structure on their own very easily. All you need is standard woodworking tools available at the hardware store, and a good attitude.


Our oldest customer to date was 65+ years old and he built a cabin all by himself.  A crew of three is recommended and most optimal for small footprint structures.

Will it last a long time?

The oldest wood structures on earth are several thousand years old. If you maintain the wood with regular treatments of oil based stain, you should be able to get at least 100 years out of it. Any wood treatment is compatible with Lincoln Block so you base the longevity on your track record for maintenance. 

How strong is it?

Engineers that are currently studying our product state that it’s extremely resistant to earthquakes and has a compression strength capable of handling up to four stories of building height.

The design of Lincoln Block is inherently much stronger than masonry or framing. Anecdotally, the strength is off the charts.

What about a fire?

In our own tests we found it to be able to self-extinguish in the event of a fire because the Venturi effect (Bernoulii’s principle, AKA the chimney effect) does not take hold of the wall thanks to the polyurethane spray foam and acrylic latex elastomeric sealant that occupies the wall cavity.

Insects, rodents & rot?

All houses, even concrete or plastic, are susceptible to infestation. With the proper deterrents and building plan you can mitigate the risk. Moisture causes wood rot, so protecting the wood with the proper treatments is paramount to prevent it. Oil based stain works great for this.

Some climates are worse than others, so just like any other house you should plan according to your local municipality’s guidelines and keep up with the maintenance of the wood.  

What can I build?

Using the 6-Inch Lincoln Block system alone, you can build regular houses, cabins, tiny houses, commercial buildings, condominiums, apartments, sheds, or anything up to four stories. By incorporating industrial design, you could theoretically build any type of structure. 

Is it better than stick-framing or brick?

From the forty structures completed so far using Lincoln Block, we have seen a large decrease in labor requirements, jobsite waste, and overall cost to construct a building envelope compared to traditional construction methods like wood framed walls or concrete and masonry.

Since no additional materials are required, you can just cut, glue, stack and nail the 6-Inch Lincoln Blocks to the desired height, and finish with a wood treatment like stain or paint. Whether or not it’s better is for you to decide, but in our opinion we say yes it’s way better!

Where in the world is it available?

Anywhere and any climate. 6-inch Lincoln Block is primarily created using pine, fir, or cedar. Dozens of different wood species are capable of being turned into Lincoln Block.

Foundations, roofing, electrical, plumbing, windows, and doors?

All standard construction methods are compatible with the Lincoln Block system. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest tutorials as they are released.

A customer of ours that goes by the name Uncle Nudge has detailed his experience with Lincoln Block and answers a lot of these questions in his videos.