Going Viral On TikTok
     Crystal Frye
   December 14, 2020
We’ve spent the last 10 years making sure that Lincoln Block does exactly what my Dad says it can do. He is a true genius in the field of building- and has built everything from hospitals to houses. So, in the last 10 years we’ve tested, protected, and proved the product. It has given us enough time to make sure that every possible angle was looked at and thought through. We gained some some amazing exposure via the fun and surprisingly educational social media platform Tik Tok when we posted a 15 second video without any idea of what was to come in the following weeks. That video went viral overnight, and the ones to follow too. We went from 0 followers to 70k in just over a month. Our most popular video posted in Mid-November has 1.5 Million views. This kind of exposure has brought in more inquiry than we can stay on top of- and we went into problem solving mode.
There are just more people wanting Lincoln Block structures than we can do with the resources we have now. Dad has been building or on the job consulting with every project we have had. The truth of the matter is- we just need more Dads! But there is only one of him- and honestly, that is more than most can handle anyway 😉 . So the best way to solve these growing pains would be to duplicate his knowledge of the system and create the step-by-step guides to building with Lincoln Block for customers wanting to build their own, as well as those looking for a new opportunity to learn a trade, or just a new way to build. In order to increase our infrastructure, we need to increase our resources!
We are so grateful, overwhelmed, and excited for the future. 2020 has brought more than enough negativity and it is so nice to be ending this year with HOPE
Thank you for your continued Support! We are so happy to have you here on this journey with us.
Crystal Frye via
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