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High Production Block From Lumber Shorts
LINCOLN BLOCK  May 7, 2020
At Lincoln Block Headquarters in Lake Stevens, WA, our research and development team is constantly working to improve our technology. The Lincoln Block 6″ Wood Wall Block uses high tech waterborne elastomeric sealants, polyurethane spray foam insulation, stainless steel nails, and other products at the forefront of modern assembly and construction in many different fields of work. Some of these products have only been in existence for just a few years, and there will always be a newer, better technology to improve the lives of humans in general. Our latest utilitarian use of the millions of feet of lumber surplus on the market is here:

Experimental 2-Foot Sleeve-Cut Lincoln Block

The 2-foot Sleeve-Cut Lincoln Block is made possible by the same methods we use to create the standard random length Lincoln Block 6″ Wood Wall Block. With this new concept, we are able to take the shortest lengths of lumber from a tree that otherwise would have ended up as overstock, and create a commercial grade structure. Of course, this design is subject to change at any time as it’s purely experimental, however the track we are on today is showing great promise. The need for a product like this is obvious to anyone who has picked up a hammer to build a home. A 24 inch “brick” made of sustainable finished wood could potentially disrupt entire markets in the building industry. Using wood blocks instead of concrete blocks for a commercial structure could prove to be extremely advantageous.  
Lincoln Block 3D 6 tiny2
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