It’s Time To Grow
     Crystal Frye
   May 3, 2021
This is probably one of my favorite pictures. These hands have worked hard. They are Big and rough and calloused. They have built just about everything you could think of from commercial medical centers to lemonade stands. It sounds cliché but my Dad really is the hardest working person I have ever known.  7 days a week- from the time his eyes open til they close, he is working. This is the life of an entrepreneur and inventor. But he’s ALWAYS had that kind of work ethic. Even when he was a kid- he worked! Paper routes, mowing lawns, running an underground craps game in the basement of the school, shoveling snow, working in a paint store- he has just always liked to try new things to make money.
He jokes that he has always pulled money out of the gravel. He is good at it too! He has owned many businesses in my 40 years of life and given hundreds of people jobs along the way.
He is gruff and honest to a fault. No really. To a fault. Sometimes his honesty rubs people the wrong way. He has strong opinions, and that too has rubbed some the wrong way. The thing you don’t really see at first with dad is his heart. It’s hard to believe that people exist that only want to take care of everyone else- but my parents are exactly that. They have always taken care of everyone around them.
This picture reminds me of the story he tells about when he finished the first block and held it in his hands. He said he just knew right that moment that it was something that he couldn’t keep to himself. Not even something to just build a small business with and build a few houses here and there. When he held that block in his hands he KNEW that it could be something that could really help a LOT of people if he could just get the rest of the world to see it. (It always gives me the chills when he tells this story, its like magic)
Fast forward 10 years of that insane work ethic and every penny he had and my dad has built a team of incredible people that have devoted their lives to bringing Lincoln Block to the world with him. I love looking at this team and seeing the difference in each personality. Faith, politics, differing opinions on how to eat toasted marshmallows- (burnt for me. You can’t convince me otherwise- don’t waste your time) none of it matters. None! We all agree on 1 thing. EVERYONE NEEDS A HOME. Shelter is one of the first things you do on naked and afraid right?
I find it fascinating how we can all be so different and yet we all agree passionately that Lincoln Block could really help put a LOT of people into homes quickly and affordably. The energy-efficiency, strength, the fact that it is SUPER GREEN and the FUN factor that is building with a giant LEGO are just bonuses!!!!
But this little team is stretched thin. Our recent viral explosion on Tik Tok has been so exciting but it was a lot more than team could handle, and we are feeling the pressure. I crack up laughing still when we put out videos to email us here- and really it Is just Dad and I frantically trying to email everyone back. He mentioned it was a catch 22 the other day- we have so much inquiry and we need to hire help- but as a company in its infancy- we need to build the office infrastructure first in order to hire the people.
So there are 3 ways we can make this happen.

One, we keep going the way we are and build our office infrastructure SLOWLY but surely.

Two, we find skilled people out there looking to make a difference in housing that can come in and help my Pops get this out to the world.

Or three someone can just come in and give us a boatload of money so we can hire it all and get it done.
Out of the 3 options, number 2 is my favorite. And honestly if you saw the HELP Video on Tik Tok probably why you are here. We have grown our team organically because of a love for this block and the magic that is my Dad. He is a genius when it comes to all things wood and building and he is a blast to work with.  We are looking for people who want to help him grow this company from more than just a garage startup with his kids to a mainstream building product that the world desperately needs.  We need to build our office infrastructure from the ground up and we are looking for a variety of skillsets.
So if any of this strikes a chord with you or if you are #3 and just want to come on in and invest please send us an email at
It may take us a while to get back to you but I promise we are personally reading and replying to every single one that comes in. I just want to find Pops the help he needs to get this out to all of the amazing people that want it.  Can you help us make that happen?
Crystal Frye via
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