Thesis – Production Of Product

Lincoln Block is a wood block that you can use to build a home. Since 2011, over thirty customers have chosen Lincoln Blocks because they’re easy to use, energy efficient, and made of pure sustainable wood. The product exceeds all strength requirements and has been used for anything from multi-story homes to simple sheds. The high thermal mass of wood combined with acrylic latex elastomeric sealant and polyurethane spray foam creates a wood block building system greater than the sum of its parts.

Problem – Cost Of Construction
Solution – LB Grading Process

A lumber mill sorts hundreds of categories of timber. The grading process that makes Lincoln Block possible adds value to boards that normally wouldn’t be structural, providing an alternative source of material that is always available, affordable, and high quality. Our method provides an assembled wood block that always fits together, like LEGO bricks.

Why Wood Block?
Building blocks have been used for thousands of years and in millions of construction projects. Lincoln Block is the latest evolution of an already proven and dependable method for home building. The acrylic latex elastomeric sealant is a mortar for laying each brick, and the polyurethane spray foam insulation fills the hollow cavity. In combination, this offers an efficient thermal break that lowers your energy costs. Builders choose dense materials like wood because it better protects and insulates from harsh weather. The thermal mass of a Lincoln Block house offers an effective U-factor of 0.032, which is more than ten times more efficient than a typical brick house.

The people must be able to build homes themselves. There is no factory or machine that will ever catch up to the demand for housing. The amount of planning required to start a construction project is nearly insurmountable, so Lincoln Block’s goal is to make affordable housing a realistically attainable goal like it was in recent past. You can make up for the time and money wasted filing for building permits and land studies by using Lincoln Block because the structure is finished as you stack. No added framing, drywall, siding, insulation or anything extra. Just 100% 6-Inch Lincoln Block wall. You can hide stuff in the wall like wires and pipes, or just mount everything to the wall.

Strength & Compatibility
A house is usually the biggest purchase in someone’s life. Our early adopters helped us practice the scientific method of experimentation and conclusion, eventually leading to engineered blueprints and mathematical proof of our hypothesis that a wood brick is the answer to affordable housing. Lincoln Blocks are forgiving when it comes to mistakes because the interconnected system of wood, glue, and foam creates a single insulated panel with high rigidity and compression strength. In simple terms, the math shows that it’s earthquake proof, and super fire resistant because the chimney effect is nullified. The blocks are 100% compatible with all foundations, interior walls, roofs, electrical wiring, and plumbing. Since block construction is more modular and accessible, the tradesman working on a Lincoln Block house will find it to be easier. We used to build this way in the United States, so it’s time to remember how to build to last a lifetime.

The healthiest building material is wood. The glue and foam we use become completely inert after just a few weeks, long before you start living in the building. There are also low VOC options that have even less environmental impact. When you’re surrounded by wood, your autonomic nervous system relaxes, and wood pulls moisture out of the air which inhibits mold and fungus. Natural tannin compounds in the wood are antimicrobial. Making use of wood is great for you, and for the planet. The trees that end up as Lincoln Blocks would have otherwise been turned into fuel. Forest to factory to customer, it’s the most efficient use of a tree ever.

All the technology and materials needed are out there now. No extra trees would be felled, and the more recent foam and glue technology is what makes a wood brick possible. Some of the oldest wood structures on earth have stood for thousands of years, and that’s a good reason to make sure your home is one of them. The Original Lincoln Block. Robust eco homes.

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