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Lincoln Block Is Ready. Are You?
LINCOLN BLOCK  November 26, 2019
We wish you a warm Thanksgiving and wonderful things in your life now and into the next year!
– The Lincoln Block Team
We are ready for your design ideas! Whether you want a tiny house, full sized cabin, accessory dwelling, shed, or any other type of structure, we can make it happen. The design team at Lincoln Block headquarters wants to hear from you, and your next project can start as soon as you’re ready. We have made so many beautiful projects come together for our customers so far, and now our team has grown bigger and stronger than ever before thanks to the continued support of the public!
is a highly energy efficient product from factory to end user. We use sustainable lumber captured at the sawmill that was originally destined to become pallet stock or wood chips. Our manufacturing process is safe, fast, and has a drastically reduced impact on the environment compared to typical construction methods. The interior and exterior walls are automatically finished while each block stacks on top the next, and the hollow wall is filled with wood splines and polyurethane spray foam which further increases strength and offers unparalleled energy conservation.
Whether you want a large cabin, tiny house, or any other type of affordable structure,
is the best option in every case. At only $5 per foot for our Douglas-Fir 6″ wall block, your entire material package for a 16 x 24 cabin is only $19,999! If you’re looking for the most affordable building product in the world, look no further! Our team is ready and waiting for your project ideas, and our designers can make the home of your dreams come true for a fraction of the cost of other contractors and developers.
You Can Build Your Home With
Our customers have been using Lincoln Block to create some stunning buildings. Cabins, tiny homes, sheds, you name it, they have built it themselves. You can buy Lincoln Block by the foot, so whatever project you have in mind, nothing is holding you back from getting the job done right the first time. Building with wood blocks is fast, efficient, and better for the environment as a whole. Even if you’ve never built a single thing in your life, there’s no better time to start than now. Because the learning curve of using Lincoln Block is gradual and forgiving, even the sloppiest jobs will still turn out better than if you tried to do it yourself with traditional stick frame construction. In fact, one of the core design principals of Lincoln Block is to accommodate for the inherent inaccuracies in lumber production. 
Lincoln Blocks Ready To Ship
Notice the small gap in the tongue and groove design, and the spline pieces in each block that are all identical. This allows for the wall pieces to fit together virtually effortlessly. You can stack wood blocks just like toy building blocks!
This holiday season is the perfect time to start thinking about what you want to build. Come spring and summer when you are ready to start breaking ground, we will be right there with you to get your project going! Blueprinting, engineering, custom designs, you name it.
is capable of handling nearly any type of construction, and it’s compatible with existing industry standards and infrastructure. If you don’t know anything about building, the perfect place to start is right here with the Lincoln Block team. Happy holidays, and we’ll see you out there!
Crystal Frye via
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