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Micro Backyard Home
We love having a micro home on our property!
– Agnes Smith
Built By Our Customer Agnes Smith
The Micro Backyard Home

This is a 16×16 micro house that fits comfortably in a small backyard. Since the wall is Lincoln Block’s experimental 3″ wall block, the actual square footage inside is slightly larger than normal. It’s a 1.5 story home leaving enough space for a loft above and a living area below. With a getaway like this you can spend countless hours on your projects, or host company in style with their own private guest house. Buildings this small don’t typically require the same stringent regulatory certifications as larger buildings, allowing you the freedom to choose exactly what design you want and finish your building in record time thanks to Lincoln Block.  It’s just like building with toy blocks! You can have a long lasting, beautiful, comfortable, and truly economical and environmentally friendly home. It’s minimalist but still modern and awesome to see!

Cost Breakdown & Construction Analysis
Wall Material (Building Shell)Lincoln Block 3" Experimental Wall Block
Complete Building Approx. Cost$16,000.00
Block Count (In Linear Feet)Approx. 1,200 Feet
Ground SpecsConcrete Blocks
RoofComposition Shingles
ElectricalSub Panel
LightingInterior / Exterior
HVAC (Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning)Baseboard Electric Radiator Heaters
RoomsLiving Area w/ Loft
Foundation StructurePressure Treated Beams
Decking / Flooring3/4" CDX Plywood Deck & Hardwood Floors
About Small Footprint Housing

You can build a house like this using Lincoln Block and other common building materials. Start building today at the Lincoln Block Store. Small homes have the advantage of being extremely cost effective in today’s housing market, while still offering the same luxury as a regular home. With Lincoln Block, you can build any type of structure from a tiny home all the way up to a four story high rise. Choose the perfect design that you have in mind for your life, loved ones, or whatever project you can dream up.

What small homes sacrifice in floor space, they make up for in efficiency. Heating costs for a small home are next to nothing save for the coldest or hottest seasons. Your options are vast including propane, electricity, and wood burning stoves. 

Using Lincoln Block for your next project will enable you to start building with little to no experience, or, if you are a handy person you will have no trouble building a house with wood blocks. Visit the Lincoln Block Store to start building your forever home, a cabin on the water, your first tiny house, or a sustainable shed. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Lincoln Block’s Review
Super Cool Tiny Home
5 / 5 Stars

You won’t see one like this every day! Micro homes are a seriously cool way to add value to your property and create an interesting dynamic for your every day life. Whether you have a family member who needs more space, or you just want to have the space all to yourself, a tiny home, even around 200 square feet, can be invaluable. Let us know when you’re having your secret poker games back there!!!

The Lincoln Block Team 

16' x 24' Cabin

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