March 15, 2018

Lincoln Block is a modular wood block building system that can be adapted to any existing technology. The unique tongue and groove design allows for each layer to stack and seal to form a perfect barrier against the elements.


You can buy our house block in any amount you need to build whatever structure you desire. The block comes to you in various lengths depending on your project’s needs.

Lincoln Block is a ready to use product made from affordable lumber. You can enjoy the comfort and style of a log home without the drawbacks of regular log construction. The interlocking modular design allows anyone, regardless of their experience in construction, to build a home, cabin, tiny house, shed, and many more structures.

You can use a new or existing foundation, any windows on the market, modern or traditional roofing, gutters, and best of all the beautiful wood finish in and out requires nothing but a stain and seal. Every layer of Lincoln Block is glued together with caulking and the entire hollow wall system is insulated with polyurethane spray foam. The ultimate home block exists only in one place, right here. With Lincoln Block you now have the ability to build your own home with your own two hands.

The Lincoln Block Blog
March 15, 2018