Nerds Rule
     Crystal Frye
   November 11, 2020
This is a rare photo of my dad relaxing this last summer. This man, if not for his family would work 24/7. He is working from the minute he gets up, ’til the time he goes to bed. And even then, he has dreams about work at times. To say that he is dedicated is an understatement; his passion and drive are contagious. The more time you spend with him, the more you want to. His energy is magnetizing, but it comes with a price. He tends to let his batteries run low low LOW before spending any time recharging like this. I feel like my job more than anything in Lincoln Block is to make sure he is balancing his time. He will work until we make him stop most days. He is fueled by his own passion to help the world build better. Honestly that is it. He KNOWS with every fiber of his being that Lincoln Block is the answer to truly affordable and attainable housing if only he could get the rest of the world to SEE it.
He is not the type of person that can think small. His mind has always been more open than anyone’s I have ever met, and he LOVES to learn. He feels that if you aren’t learning you aren’t living. He has always been that way. What some would probably have called a nerdy kid, he won the New Jersey State math competition Using a SLIDE RULE in a room full of kids using calculators. I should dig out those photos too. He was such a nerd, but honestly nerds flipping rock. They are the ones that end up changing the world. He went full hippie in the 70s, even has a love tattoo on his wrist. The coolest part of being around my dad every day is recognizing that he hung on to the peace and love part of the 70s but has a killer work ethic that I would almost challenge anyone to keep up with for more than a week at a time. Those that can are in the best shape of their lives. He just goes and goes until the job is done. He leads with love though.
Those that know him are kind of cracking up laughing right now because the kind of love that my dad gives best is the tough kind. Tough love is never easy. On anyone really. But it is always the best option when it is given. My dad is brutally honest, sometimes to a fault. But the people that really GET him, understand that he is only ever telling you the honest truth as he sees it right that moment. He never judges anyone on their past, and he takes you every single day just the way you are. He enthusiastically encourages your strengths, and pushes you to build yourself and grow in those areas. He asks you to do your best everywhere else. He is a master of building a team. He works one on one with people, and recognizes their strengths and weaknesses almost instinctively. The funny thing….is most of us have strengths in things we enjoy doing. Funny how that works huh? He picks that part up in people almost automatically, and pushes you follow it. He really wants EVERYONE to win and be able to live their best lives, and I know that he looks at Lincoln Block as his calling. It is a way for everyone to win. And no matter how hard it is or how many doors he has to kick down, he will follow this calling until we all do. I just want more days like this one for my parents. They sure deserve it.
Crystal Frye via
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Nerds Rule

This is a rare photo of my dad relaxing this last summer. This man, if not for his family would work 24/7.…