May 24, 2018

Passive living is a way of describing the most comfortable, energy efficient, environmentally conscious, affordable, and sustainable structures or homes.

Energy Consumption Comparison

(Lower is better)

Traditional Stick
Frame Home

High Energy Consumption & Wasted Heat

Passive Living w/ Lincoln Block Home

Drastically Improved Thermal Efficiency

Lincoln Block is uniquely equipped to build a passive living arrangement. Our original block design eliminates micro fissures that would otherwise allow moisture, air, and other weathering effects to penetrate the structure and cause irreparable damage and loss of energy efficiency. Not only does it form a perfect seal and vapor barrior, Lincoln Block is a modular component that adapts to any existing technology.

Lincoln Block & Solar Power

Passive living’s backbone is energy efficiency and Lincoln Block’s modular design allows existing solar technologies to be easily installed in your structure. Choose anything from solar roofing shingles , drop-in ready to use panel arrays, externally mounted custom applications, or truly any system you desire.

Light & Heat Without The GRID

Here at Lincoln Block headquarters we use solar panel arrays combined with battery banks to capture and store the sun’s energy for later use. Lighting, heating, entertainment, utilities, you name it! Every day, solar technology becomes more affordable and readily available for the end-user. Our team is working every day to discover and test new solar options, and Lincoln Block helps make that possible.

Plug & Play Solar’s Kodiak is a solar generator with an internal battery, AC inverter, and battery expansion capabilities. Products like this allow you to simply plug in your solar panels and start using them immediately for a much smoother experience than ever before. If you have heard about how hard it is to use solar, you now know that is no longer the case.

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May 24, 2018