Lincoln Block

  • 16' x 24' Cabin

  • 16′ x 24′ Cabin


    Lincoln Block ®
    16′ x 24′ Cabin package includes every component needed to assemble your very own log cabin. Shipping costs are not included in this package price and may vary based on location.
    Homes built with
    Lincoln Block ®
    are stronger, more affordable, more energy efficient, and greener than typical platform frame construction.


    16′ x 24′ Cabin Package
    The sixteen by twenty-four cabin package includes:
    1000+ feet of LINCOLN BLOCK, mounting hardware, lumbers like plate, rafter, truss, framing, etc, windows, door, roof, and more!
    About your cabin package:
    You can assemble this entire cabin with your own two hands! Become the proud owner of a LINCOLN BLOCK structure that will last a lifetime and beyond. Nearly any building site can handle a structure like this because whether it’s a stem wall, glulam beam set, or pressure treated, you can mount LINCOLN BLOCK to virtually any foundation. 
    The first step to building with LINCOLN BLOCK is to choose a foundation, and then a location, with more emphasis on the latter. Your building site will have all sorts of different requirements, namely ground work that may need doing, permitting or local regulations thanks to code enforcement, and weather requirements that could mean a blueprint adjustment. 
    You can be sure you’re getting the absolute best value with LINCOLN BLOCK because the walls of your home will be created with lumber that is 100% sustainably sourced. This not only guarantees the highest value for your dollar, but also shows you care about the environment.
    What you need to know to assemble a kit building:
    What experience or skill level is required?
    Make sure you know how to safely operate the required tools such as compressed air, wood working, and electric construction tools such as a miter chop saw.

    How complicated are the instructions or drawings?
    Whether you have studied construction blueprints or not, LINCOLN BLOCK is so simple that the layman should have little trouble with interpretation. Anyone can build with block!

    What materials are included:
    The cabin package includes all lumber, hardware, blueprints, and step by step guides required to assemble the entire cabin shell from floor to ceiling. Blueprint changes incur charges.

    What does my local building code require?
    Ask your local officials or make a formal inquiry through the proper channels to determine the feasibility of your building lot.

    How heavy is Lincoln Block?
    Each piece of the Lincoln Block 16′ x 24′ Cabin package can be maneuvered into place by human power alone. Stocking your location with material can be done with commercial or regular vehicles such as a pickup truck.

    Additional information

    Building Size

    16' x 24' x 9'


    Lincoln Block 6" Wood Wall Blocks

    Insulation Specifications

    Insulatable: Yes
    Product: Touch 'n Foam Polyurethane Spray Insulation

    Package Includes

    Standard Blueprint & Full Material Package Including Hardware

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