• THE ORIGINAL LINCOLN BLOCK® 6-Inch End-Matched Wood Building Block (Prototype)

    The Original LINCOLN BLOCK® 6-Inch “End Matched” Wood Building Block

    This prototype end matched block is perfect for commercial applications like strip malls, multi story buildings, apartments, and more! Tested, proven, and remarkably easy to use. LINCOLN BLOCKS® are small format wood wall building blocks.

    • Compatible with all existing foundation, fenestration, and roofing systems
    • Upcycled raw boards from grade line downfall at the lumber mill
    • Exceptional lifetime with stainless steel fasteners, Sikaflex® adhesive and DAP® Dynaflex caulking
    • Low cost-of-maintenance with Wood Defender® products

    How To Build With LINCOLN BLOCK®

    Your LINCOLN BLOCK package includes:
    An adequate amount of LINCOLN BLOCK®, mounting hardwares, lumbers like plate, rafter, truss, framing, etc, windows, doors, and your choice of many other components.
    About your package:
    Become the proud owner of a LINCOLN BLOCK® structure that will last a lifetime and beyond. Nearly any building site can handle a structure like this because whether it’s a stem wall, glulam beam set, pressure treated beam on grade, pier blocks, trailer, and more, you can install LINCOLN BLOCK® on virtually any foundation.

    The first step to building with LINCOLN BLOCK® is to choose a foundation and/or a location. Your building site will have ground work that may need permitting or local code enforcement approval. Additionally the blueprint may require adjustment due to weather, ground, or other area requirements.

    We guarantee the highest value for your dollar while simultaneously lowering the energy requirements needed to produce home building materials. Every LINCOLN BLOCK® structure created will sequester carbon for the life of the structure, potentially hundreds of years or more if properly maintained like any wood home. A semi-regular coat of stain or sealant is among the most important things.
    What you need to know to assemble a kit building:
    What experience or skill level is required?

    Make sure you know how to safely operate the required tools. Compressed air, wood working, and electric construction tools such as a pneumatic nail gun, miter chop saw, or electric drill are readily used throughout the construction process.

    How complicated are the instructions or drawings?

    Whether you have studied construction blueprints or not, LINCOLN BLOCK® is so simple that the layman should have little trouble with interpretation. Anyone can build with block!

    What materials are included:

    The cabin package includes all lumber, hardware, blueprints, and step by step guides required to assemble the entire structure envelope from floor to ceiling. You can also make changes to your blueprint at any time before the build process starts.

    What does my local building code require?

    Ask your local officials or make a formal inquiry through the proper channels to determine the feasibility of your building lot or what is required for your selected foundation.

    How heavy or difficult is Lincoln Block?

    Each piece of LINCOLN BLOCK® can be maneuvered into place by human power alone. Stocking your location with material can be done with commercial or regular vehicles such as a pickup truck. Large commercial vehicles may be required on multi-story buildings.

    First Step:
    • Prepare Your Location
    • Install Foundation Materials
    Step Two
    • Install The Patented LINCOLN BLOCK System
    • COMING SOON – Installation Video & Detailed Instruction Booklet
    Step Three
    • Install Roof
    • Finish Interior Framing (If Needed)
    • Install Doors, Windows, Flooring, Ceiling, And Other Finishing Facets. 
    Step Four
    • Stain, Paint, Or Seal Exterior Panels
    • Finish Interior

    Additional information

    Weight 1.5 kg
    Dimensions 12 × 6 × 8 in

    8" Thick Wood Wall Block


    4.75" Symmetric


    Kiln dried lumber; stainless steel fasteners; Sikaflex® adhesive.