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    Touch ‘n Foam 2-part 1.75 PCF FR Standard – 200 kit

    $349.00 $339.00

    Touch ‘n Seal® Two Component 1.75 PCF FR Standard foam is a closed cell spray foam insulation that provides Class A fire retardancy as well as thermal insulating and sound attenuating properties when used according to manufacturer’s directions. It is suitable for use in commercial, residential, transportation and many other applications.

    • ASTM E-84 Class A Fire Resistance
    • Reduces energy loss by as much as 40%
    • Reduces sound transmission
    • Does not shrink or settle like cellulose
    • Maintains air seal
    • Compatible with all fiber insulation systems including cellulose, fiberglass and stone wool
    • Expands to fill small and large gaps, cracks and holes – reducing air exchanges
    • High R-value
    • Significantly increases structural strength

    Product information from Touch n’ Seal ®

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