Taking A Good Look At Wood Construction
   October 19, 2019
Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent yearly on sustainable materials. The American Wood Council says “Wood is the perfect sustainability material […]”. The AWC, which has been around since 1902 and represents 86 percent of the structural wood products industry, then points out that wood has garnered more attention than ever before due to concern of how buildings impact the environment. Even with wood’s decisive practical advantage in the building industry, competing materials and environmental groups seek to disparage wood construction. What can be done to improve wood construction, and how does it size up to the competition?
The embodied energy in demolished wood buildings offers a greener material disposal method.
We have to take a look at what kinds of structures are being built, anything from single family homes to apartments, and why builders choose some over others. Most notably today multi-family housing has rebounded from the recession because of its affordability. Compared to steel or other methods, mid-rise wood construction for multi story buildings is faster and more economical, at least according to the actual builders on the ground. Additionally, since wood continues to store carbon absorbed during growth, and it results in less greenhouse gas emissions, it’s better for the environment than steel. Overall, wood buildings have proven to be capable of the longest lifespans and can stand up to the highest scrutiny when used for residential buildings of many types.
There is a glaring problem with wood construction that you may not be aware of, but it’s almost guaranteed you or someone you know has been affected by it. Becoming a master of woodworking and wood-frame construction is no simple task, yet it’s critical to the success of our society to create cost effective buildings that are safe and strong. Some builders reduce the cost of housing materials with modular engineering, but expensive labor and poor craftsmanship cause a large percentage of newly built homes to be demolished well before their intended lifespan. This problem, known as the modern affordable housing crisis, is not outside our society’s ability to change.
The symptoms of the problem are among us every day. Wonderful people from the hard working class of society have been faced with limited options. Many of us turn to tiny homes, looking to reduce cost of living, but the average stick framed tiny house starts at $40,000, and that’s just for the shell! The expensive labor rears its ugly head. Others seek to buy a fixer-upper only to find a project that is largely out of their skill set, and in many cases a lost cause due to deteriorated materials. Craftsmen are using whats available to them and industry standards are providing sub par materials. The people of America and the rest of the world are in dire need of a truly green, sustainable, and easy to use building product that can stand the test of time. 
Introducing LINCOLN BLOCK® . The Original Modular Wood Block Building System.
Together, we can solve the affordable housing crisis for good. If we, as a society, we intend to catch up to the ever growing demand for small footprint buildings and other living quarters, we must take action ourselves to improve our lives and the lives of others. YOU now have the power to build a home that will last a lifetime and beyond without incurring massive debt. Your FAMILY and truly everyone who occupies the faceted working class of America DESERVES to have a place to call their own. It’s our duty to help those who are less fortunate, who are put out, or maybe just need to see that it’s possible to build a home for themselves. With
you can build your home with your own two hands. Even a kid can do it, it’s so easy! The power to change your life is in your hands, so start building today.
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