The Answer To Affordable Housing
   December 18, 2018

The only viable wood building block on the market!

Unparalleled strength and longevity

Economical lumber sources

High thermal mass & insulation value

Virtually earthquake proof construction

Fast & easy to build with limited experience

Beautiful finished single hollow wall panel

The lumber market is one of the largest sources of commerce in the United States. In Washington State alone we have one of the biggest exporters of lumber in the world. The way we build houses today requires that we use only 15% of lumber from a tree, the rest being used for fuel, pallets, bark, or other non structural applications. Lincoln Block captures that remainder at the mill and presents a method of construction stronger, more environmentally conscious, longer lasting, and easier to use than traditional methods.

Bring back the affordable starter homes!

Many traditional homes today are over valued and under maintained, meaning the homeowner is going to pay more for a sub-par house. Building with Lincoln Block means you will pay less for a better house that will last longer and save you money over time. Our wood building block offers industrial building quality for residential customers. Building with block is stronger, more energy efficient, faster, easier, and years ahead of today’s typical framing technology. In fact, we have been building the average home with the same basic methods for over 40 years, so it’s about time something changed.

Take control of your dollar & build lasting structures!

The Lincoln Block modular wood block building system is an all inclusive end user finished product.

Lincoln Block bridges the gap between low income housing and quality structures. When you’re looking for quality and affordability, the two don’t even match up within the current industry building methods. Our options for affordable housing are very limited. Now, thanks to the ability to build small footprint homes with a lightweight BLOCK, you can own a home that will last a lifetime without incurring massive debt.