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The Lincoln Block Difference
Zac Pontrantolfi  March 9, 2020
Lincoln Block is a sustainable building system that transfers shear(pdf) from sillplate to roofline, seamlessly replacing the framing, plywood, insulation, vapor barrier, siding, and sheetrock in conventional construction to give you the strongest and most energy efficient walls available for the price.
We up-cycle Northwest timber, otherwise bound to become disposable pallets and fuel pellets, by removing structurally weak knots and utilizing precision milling in a less carbon intensive re-manufacturing process than our competitors. But the energy efficiency doesn’t end there. Lincoln Block is a 6″ finished wall product designed to meet R-21 insulation standards while having twice the interior facing thermal mass of 1/2″ sheetrock(pdf) which can dramatically reduce your heating costs.
Lincoln Block is bringing back the craftsman and putting the power in your hands. So while our DAP spray polyurethane foam insulation is petrochemical derived, our walls are built to last generations, reducing the long-term waste generated by the housing sector. So with the dream of designing your own home and living in a stunning, energy efficient, wood-block house within your grasp, isn’t it about time to Start Thinkin’ Lincoln?
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