Crystal Frye
   September 9, 2020

Behind the scenes here at Lincoln Block there is always a lot going on. We have this incredible volunteer team that believes in this product and its potential to really help the world build truly attainable and affordable housing. We are so humbled and grateful for every single customer, team member, and our own family members that have put their trust in us to bring it to market. We all wear multiple hats to make this work. This team has devoted their blood, sweat and tears to do whatever needs to happen on a daily basis here at Lincoln Block HQ, from sweeping the floors and stacking block, to taking meetings with potential clients and investors. It is so much more than just a block. It is a mission. The kind of passion that it takes to show the world what we really have here is sometimes the only thing that keeps us going. It has been a crazy exciting ride, and sometimes feels like a roller coaster of emotions but we all hang on tight, because we are determined to make this happen and we KNOW that we have an answer that can really help a lot of people into homes.
My dad is one of the most positive people that I have ever met. He is always looking at solutions rather than problems. That is how the whole idea came to him in the first place. But I was a little shocked to hear this out of his mouth today when greeting the team…..
“We are in big big BIG trouble. We have more inquiry than we can keep up with. We are getting to where we aren’t able to service our local market with the infrastructure we have currently.”
Now….I have heard this from him before, and we have somehow just made it work. We have been 100% honest with our customers and they see that we are trying our best for them to make their dream come true too. We have an invested interest in making sure of it 😉 But, trying to run this as a small business to keep the lights on while we are working with all that we have to really push this out into the world on a larger scale has been almost a tightrope act. We know that growth is inevitable and coming whether we are ready for it or not. It made it very clear to us that we needed to tell more of our story. While we all wear many hats, some of them just don’t fit right and we are ready and looking to grow our family here and really show this block and what it can do to the world. I am again, so very proud of Ryan for all of his hard work in putting this together. I know it took a lot of time and energy, and we are over the moon excited for EVERYTHING he has done to date, but this one gives me all of the feels.
Here is our story folks- our why. We are ready for the next step. It is time to bring affordable and attainable housing to all one block at a time.
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