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The River Cabin
A Cabin At The Water
Lincoln Block has made our dreams come to life. The product is pure genius.
– Liz Bartel Duncan
Built By Our Customers Charlie and Liz Duncan
The River Cabin

When you think of cabins, big, round logs come to mind, but this cabin is made of something special. Each course of Lincoln Block that makes up walls of the structure is up-cycled sustainably sourced Douglas Fir lumber, providing a full time home for three people. They are more than comfortable with the space and they even added drywall for a great finish on the inside to make it feel like a traditional home. After living here for a few years, they reported overall heating bills 3.5 times lower than their previous dwelling of the same size.

Cost Breakdown & Construction Analysis
Wall Material (Building Shell)Lincoln Block 6" Wall Block
Complete Building Approx. Cost$60,000.00
Block Count (In Linear Feet)Approx. 2,300 Feet
Ground SpecsConcrete Blocks
RoofRafters w/ Classic Rib Steel Panel
PlumbingKitchen Sink, Dishwasher, Shower, Bathroom Sink, Toilet, Clothes Washer, Outdoor Hose
ElectricalBreaker Panel (City Service), Range / Oven, Fourty Gallon Water Heater, Standard 120v & 240v Outlets, Dryer
LightingInterior / Exterior
HVAC (Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning)Baseboard Electric Radiator Heaters
RoomsKitchen, Bathroom, Master Bedroom, Regular Bedroom, Living Room
Foundation StructurePressure Treated Beams
Decking / Flooring3/4" CDX Plywood Deck & Hardwood Floors
About Small Footprint Housing

You can build a house like this using Lincoln Block and other common building materials. Start building today at the Lincoln Block Store. Small homes have the advantage of being extremely cost effective in today’s housing market, while still offering the same luxury as a regular home. With Lincoln Block, you can build any type of structure from a tiny home all the way up to a four story high rise. Choose the perfect design that you have in mind for your life, loved ones, or whatever project you can dream up.

What small homes sacrifice in floor space, they make up for in efficiency. Heating costs for a small home are next to nothing save for the coldest or hottest seasons. Your options are vast including propane, electricity, and wood burning stoves. 

Using Lincoln Block for your next project will enable you to start building with little to no experience, or, if you are a handy person you will have no trouble building a house with wood blocks. Visit the Lincoln Block Store to start building your forever home, a cabin on the water, your first tiny house, or a sustainable shed. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Lincoln Block’s Review

A Great Cabin With A Pleasant View

5 / 5 Stars

Small footprint housing made easy! It was incredible watching this building go up in only a few days with your two man crew. Not to mention it’s the perfect spot for a cabin, we are more impressed with the end result than we can articulate. We believe that people who use Lincoln Block are capable of building virtually anything they put their minds to, and you have proven that to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt. Thank you both for dreaming so big!

P.S. We love the way the Wood Defender stain turned out!
The Lincoln Block Team 

16' x 24' Cabin

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