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The Simple Answer Is LINCOLN BLOCK
Crystal Frye
August 18, 2020
The world has flipped upside down in a lot of ways. Of all of the crazy situations you could have imagined, I am pretty sure the likes of what has happened due to COVID-19 was not anywhere on the radar. Our entire world has been affected and housing is no exception. Initially when the coronavirus pandemic began, lumber prices slumped. Construction activity had ground to a halt, leaving mills with excess supply of wood. But in recent months, building activity has resumed with a bang. And mills weren’t prepared. They had been closed too!  With inventories low and demand so high lumber prices have skyrocketed higher than they have EVER been. Framing and dimensional lumber markets are so high right now- quotes are only being guaranteed for 24-48 hours because the companies have to protect themselves from the constant fluctuations in pricing at the mill level. This is bad bad news for the construction industry. Everyone is paying 60% higher prices than they would have just a couple months ago! 
We were at a 5 million home shortfall in the united states BEFORE Corona. That number continues to grow every single day. Now with the price of lumber being so high- the reality is that the builders are going to have to pass that cost on to the end consumer and now the houses that were ALREADY costing more than they are worth (a story for another blog I am sure) are now going to be completely off the charts. How in the world are we going to FIX affordable housing if we are continuing to build with an unsustainable model that costs too damn much????
Well the simple answer is
We use industrial grade lumber to manufacture our block. The inflation in the lumber industry won’t really affect our pricing much. There are literally millions of board feet of economy lumber just sitting at our LOCAL mills. The price fluctuations that you see in the lumber industry haven’t made it to the economy grade lumber simply because there is still too much of it. Industrial grade does not mean it is junk lumber by any means. The grading system is based on what the big box stores will sell. It has to be 100% aesthetically perfect for them to stock it. About 30% of every single tree milled will end up as Industrial grade lumber. This has been going on for decades so there is a LOT of this lumber hanging out just waiting to become pallets, play chips, election sign stakes, crates, or last chance for this beautiful wood is to become fuel or mulch.
A Cabin built with LINCOLN BLOCK uses industrial grade lumber, and the finished product is extremely high quality.
How about turning all of those millions of board feet into a product that would allow you to build a truly affordable home no matter what the lumber market is doing right now or in the future?
could really solve the affordable housing problem by giving us a fast and simple building system that is amazingly strong, energy efficient, and will last! And now with the lumber market going crazy the way it is- it is more important than ever to have an affordable option that can help everyone along the way from the mills all the way to the end user. Builders and developers can increase their profit margins without sacrificing quality and homeowners are happy to have an affordable option that isn’t an apartment or mobile home!
Corona has done a lot of things to our world in the few short months that it has been around. We have to move forward and look for sustainable answers and opportunities that will really help us solve ALL of these problems especially the ones that have been exacerbated like housing has! The answer to building affordable houses is out there, it just looks a little different than we are used to. It’s time to start thinking outside of the big box and start building a better, more affordable future with
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