Theoretically, Lincoln Block Could Transform Construction Worldwide
   May 22, 2020
Here’s what we’re working on behind the scenes at Lincoln Block HQ. The Original 6″ Wood Wall Block that you see all over the website, and in the majority of our customer’s projects, is actually several iterations down the line in terms of prototype block patterns. While the concept of building with wood blocks is actually quite common, there is only one spray foam insulated, elastomericly sealed, sustainable hollow wall wood block system and that’s Lincoln Block’s patented design.
Lincoln Block Patented Wood Block Method (6-inch)
One of the best things about Lincoln Block is how we grade lumber on our own scale, similar to how a specialized lumber mill would. Lincoln Blocks capitalize on surplus lumber that cannot be used for dimensional framing or other high strength applications. Normally, a piece of lumber is inspected for a multitude of defects, and every lumber mill on earth is practically guaranteed to have a surplus of rejected stock. This material is what we use to create Lincoln Block, proving that the overall energy cost to create home building materials can be significantly lower than it is today with platform framing, concrete, or other construction methods for housing and small footprints.
Lincoln Block Patented Wood Block Method (3-inch)
Lincoln Block Patented Wood Block Method (End-Matched)
Lincoln Block is one of the best answers for affordable housing. We will continue to refine our designs and patents for the foreseeable future. With the proper infrastructure, Lincoln Block could supply the entire world with highly energy efficient building materials.
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