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To Coldly Go…
Zac Pontrantolfi
June 1, 2020
Lincoln Block is Walls, and we build some of the strongest, easiest to maintain, and most energy efficient ones on the market. But is our insulated wood-block up to the challenge of surviving the most persistent cold on the planet?
Introducing our newest product line in development, 8″ Arctic wood-block: our most energy efficient block yet. Designed to exceed the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code specifications for Climate Zone 8, our new R-29.5 wall system will be available for use, even in America’s farthest north city, by 2022.

On Alaska’s North Slope adjacent to the Chukchi Sea,  Utqiaġvik (formerly Barrow) offers a unique set of challenges that our building system is ideally suited for. The region’s harsh climate routinely sees high winds in excess of 40 mph and less than 110 days per year with highs above freezing. Construction can commence only when the tundra defrosts, between June and September, however the port is only accessible starting in late July. This bottleneck typically forces builders to ship in materials a year ahead of time to be built the following season.

However that may be about to change. With our patented system, a small crew can build from sill-plate to roof-line in a matter of weeks, not months, so it may be possible to finish a Lincoln Block structure the same year that the materials package arrives. And unlike modular building systems, our compact wood-block courses ship with ease. In fact, a conventional 20 ft shipping container (1,360 cu. ft) can hold over 5000 block-ft of 8″ Arctic wood-block. That’s enough to build the walls of our 25 x 33 cabin twice over!

So while energy codes are voluntary in Alaska, our 8″ Arctic wood-block walls are designed to exceed the state’s Building Energy Efficiency Standard (based on the 2012 IECC) so your Lincoln Block project may even qualify for state-financing. So where ever you are planning to build, join us in building a better future with block.

Zac Pontrantolfi via
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