We’re Winners, You And I.
     Crystal Frye
   August 22, 2020
It’s hard to sit and focus to just write about one subject when it comes to the state of housing in our world right now. There are just SO many things that I could write about. I tend to write about the things that I am the most passionate about. That usually comes back to affordability. But I am also an entrepreneur at heart and I love a good opportunity. Something that we haven’t really talked about with
is the opportunity out there for contractors, developers, and builders to utilize this building system to increase their profit margins! Especially now! The price of lumber higher than it has ever been, and I know that many of our own suppliers are eating some of the cost just to retain business. But that is not sustainable for sure, and the price isn’t going anywhere until at least winter with the mills having to have been shut down for so long due to Covid. It is going to take months to catch up.
This is bad news for the spring building market. Many of our own customers start planning and purchasing now for spring. I can’t imagine the panic and the frustration in seeing how much more building a home is going to cost now. The price of plywood alone is enough to make you choke a bit. Traditional stick frame construction especially for the small businessman just became a nightmare to quote.
SO- about this opportunity. As I stated in the last blog the price of lumber may skyrocket, but because
is using industrial grade lumber to manufacture our blocks, our price will remain stable.
We have worked really hard over the last 10 years to bring this system to market. Introducing a new building material is pretty intensive, so that is where most of our focus has been. In order to introduce this product we’ve had to prove it, and now after 10 years and 30 individual projects I can tell you (while doing a bit of a happy dance) that every single project has returned 80-100% profit margin. This is while giving our customers the absolute lowest price available too! When we tell you that building with
is affordable, we are not just giving you some sales pitch. The materials themselves are saving a ton and the labor is cut in half or more just because of the speed and ease in building. The future in affordable housing might look a little different but it’s simpler, less expensive, longer lasting, more energy efficient, and less labor intensive!
We have something here that can start a new niche market and change the face of affordable housing. Instead of worrying about what the future of building looks like because of these crazy prices, Covid, elections and the like- give us a call and let’s chat so that you can present your customers with an option that is staggeringly lower in price than traditional construction methods, all while giving you the profit margins you need to thrive as well! It is a win-win!
Crystal Frye via
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