Why Should You Build With Wood Blocks?
   January 12, 2019

Structures all throughout history have taken advantage of the simplicity of block to create amazing feats of engineering. A brick can nearly fit in the palm of your hand, and yet with the right tools and training, it can become something incredible.

This old brick structure still looks beautiful today because the inhabitants recognized the value of such a building, and because of the master craftsman that erected it 127 years ago.

Pioneer Building, 606 First Avenue, Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington, USA. Built 1892

Even recent structures, like the Walmarts built today, use cinder block construction.
Lincoln Block enables you to build a structure that will last a lifetime and beyond without incurring massive debt.
Lincoln Block facilitates the consumer who desires more control over their life and liberty.
We utilize the lumber industries massive surplus of economy grade common cut spruce, pine, fir, cedar, and more straight from the mill. No other building material in the world can make that claim.
Why build with block?
The average consumer can take advantage of modern industrial building methods without the need for specialized training, equipment, or industry experts.
Is it really that easy?
If you can play with toy blocks, you can build a structure with Lincoln Block.
Aren't log homes expensive?
The end result from using Lincoln Block will always be more affordable than regular stick frame homes.
Is Lincoln Block mainstream, or meant for specialty projects?
Starter homes, cabins, sheds, tiny homes, you name it. Lincoln Block is suited for nearly any of your small footprint construction needs.
How long does it take to build, and how long does it last?
Lincoln Block will go up faster and last longer than any other wood building on the market.

The world needs affordable housing that will last.

The answer is building with block.