With A Little Help From Our Friends
     Crystal Frye
   December 3, 2020
Wow. These are exciting times at Lincoln Block. What started as a fun project with the littlest Blockheads to make a video for Tik Tok- has spurred us to take massive action and start a crowdfunding campaign to help us bring Lincoln Block to the next level. The short 15 second video spurred us to start answering questions about Lincoln Block via video and we now have over 2 million views in the last month. And it broke the website! No worries. Ryan is the man and fixed it but hey- this is not something we could ignore! We started the Kickstarter campaign after hearing ALL of the positivity and amazing comments asking HOW CAN WE GET OUR HANDS ON LINCOLN BLOCK???
The state of housing is in crisis and we have something here that can really help people into a quality home that will last for LESS money than what is out there being built currently. It is time to demand better for ourselves and our children and start building a better future in housing together with BLOCK!
We are asking for help from the very people that want to build those homes. To you the loyal Lincoln Blockers that have been with us and the new friends that just found us. This dream is so big that we need YOU to help us spread the word and make this Kickstarter successful. How can you help? Share share share! Or even contribute! Every dollar (yes even $1) helps! All of these things help push us to the front of the Kickstarter home page so that we can be featured.
This year has been NUTS for everyone. And we are no stranger to that. Health issues for John and Crystal and just well EVERYTHING that 2020 has brought along with it. But we want to finish 2020 standing tall, healthy, and facing the future head on. Something in housing has to change. There is a 5 MILLION home shortfall and we KNOW that Lincoln Block has the potential to really help people into homes and quick! Please help us in whatever way you can. Even just a share to your network is HUGE!
Thank you all so much. We appreciate each and every one of you. This small business has a big dream and we know we can do it with a little help from our friends.

Crystal Frye via
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