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Healthier Building With Wood

  Did you know there are many health benefits to living in a wood home?  Biophilic design– incorporating natural elements into the built environment- can actually…

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The Lincoln Block Difference

  Lincoln Block is a sustainable building system that transfers shear(pdf) from sillplate to roofline, seamlessly replacing the framing, plywood, insulation, vapor barrier, siding, and sheetrock in conventional…

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Everyone is using Timber!

  Buildings made of wood are eco-friendly and they’re trending in San Francisco as more companies look for greener construction methods. via San Francisco Chronicle…

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Negucci Women In Construction

  The Negucci Project – Women In Construction A brand new affordable housing initiative in Rainier Beach, Seattle, WA.  Show Your Support – Donate Now…

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Andrew Learns Lincoln Block

Read about Andrew Grimes & the 16×23 garage he helped us build! Read The Email The Lincoln Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Subscribe to our…

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The Answer To Affordable Housing

The only viable wood building block on the market! Unparalleled strength and longevity Economical lumber sources High thermal mass & insulation value Virtually earthquake proof…

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DIY Home Addition

Our customers come from all walks of life. This month one of our customers started the first project of its kind, an entirely self directed…

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DAP Touch ‘n Foam Advantages

Lincoln Block’s patented design incorporates spray-applied polyurethane foam which greatly strengthens the building and forms a protective seal against the elements. Lincoln Block is an…

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Lincoln Block is a sustainable and versatile building material that stores rather than emits carbon dioxide for the life of the structure. In addition to the wood’s carbon storing properties,…

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