Did you know there are many health benefits to living in a wood home? Biophilic design– incorporating natural elements into the built environment- can actually improve overall health! Research has shown that when humans are surrounded by wood their autonomic nervous system relaxes. Blood pressure, pain perception and stress levels are all lowered, creativity is increased, attention and focus are improved, and hospital stays have been shortened due to a reduction in recovery time! Additional research out of Germany indicated that solid wood rooms are able to moderate moisture levels to prevent the buildup of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mites, and minimize respiratory infections and asthma. What we expel, it takes in and neutralizes. In short Wood breathes! Solid wood rooms moderate humidity at a more efficient rate therefore taking away the contamination vehicle. Using wood species like cedar, redwood, fir and pine in your construction projects will release vapors from their natural oils that can provide you with these medicinal benefits.

With the announcement of this COVID19 Pandemic our resident wood genius had yet another revelation. The Coast Salish peoples have long considered the Western Red Cedar as the “Tree of Life”. Its antibacterial and antiviral oils are derived and used in many common medications. Heck our moms rubbed Vicks vapor rub on us as kids and most of the ingredients are plant derived including Cedar leaf oil! One exciting research study in the Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science stated that the oils from the Western Red Cedar Tree inhibited and inactivated a collection of respiratory viruses with exposure to vapors alone! Influenza A and B, Rhinovirus type 14, Herpes simplex viruses 1 and 2 and Adenovirus Type 4 were completely inactivated from exposure to the vapors. The findings were phenomenal, and they encouraged the use of these oils for decontaminating ventilation systems to prevent “sick building syndrome”. Could this be an answer to healthier living? Building homes, rooms, or even “recovery sheds” out of the Tree of Life?

Lincoln Block can be manufactured out of many species of tree, including the Western Red. Buildings can be built quickly and easily. While cedar is typically more expensive, the cost of cedar is offset by the savings of using our innovative wood-block building system. Build an affordable, energy efficient, green, sustainable, and beautiful home that can keep your family healthy with Lincoln Block.

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