Last year I got the unique opportunity to go to an online conference that I never thought I would be able to attend in real life. At the conference I “met” one of my heroes. I would tell you who it was but non-disclosure agreements and all of that. To say I was starstruck would be putting it lightly. I was over the moon. I can’t even remember most of what we talked about (I did get to show off Lincoln Block and that was pretty cool!) But she gave me a piece of advice that stuck in and stuck HARD. When we were talking about the business- and my health she told me “Your business will only ever be as healthy as you are”

That hit me so hard I think I lost my breath when she said it. My immediate thought after was “well then we are screwed” (If you know me you know that wasn’t the language I used, but it’s a blog so I will keep it PG) You see, I personally have had pretty crap health for the last 14 years battling an autoimmune disease and last year Dad ended up in the hospital for a week with some unknown Heart palpitation thing that took a lot of pep out of his step. I was devastated. We have this incredible invention. It could house the world affordably and fast. It is a genius idea that is so much FUN and appeals to everyone- and honestly can HELP so many people. But how can we bring that to the world if our business will only ever be as healthy as we are? I spun on that for quite a while.

The last 18 months has brought us so many challenges as a business- the major shutdowns causing massive supply chain issues, and the crazy temporary inflation of lumber (another blog on that soon) put the manufacturing and distribution of Lincoln Block on hold. It gave us the opportunity to really focus on what we needed as a business and on our health.

I am happy to announce that we found our answer and one year later Pops is doing amazing- the heart palpitations are all but gone. We are both feeling so much better, and my life has done a 180. It is amazing to be out of bed. We have been working hard on ourselves AND on the business to try to build up our infrastructure and get this show on the road. And little by little both our health and the business are getting better and better every day!

And……….then we all got Covid. I am happy to say we are on the mend finally after a month and a half of hell. I feel like it set us back drastically (I have a month and a half of paperwork to catch up on ugh) BUT we all made it through and are recovering. We are more passionate than ever about getting Lincoln Block out to the world. For right now it is baby steps- and getting our bodies back to where they were- but we are here and working little by little to get this program off the ground and on the road to all of you.

To the Lincoln Block team- I want to publicly thank you for everything you do. Keeping things rolling while we have been focusing on getting our health back is a gift that I am not sure we can repay- though being able to actually pay you someday might help. This team is so dedicated and passionate about this block system- I know that they will brush this thanks off just like I would if it were flipped around- but I want them to know how much their hard work and dedication to our mission is appreciated. One of our team members uses the phrase “your health is your wealth” and it is 100% true.

We are slowly but surely getting the business healthier as we are- and I know that as soon as the body catches up- we will hit the ground running and never stop. But until then we are going to take baby steps and take Dad’s advice. Slow down you’ll go faster.

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